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COVID-19 Policies, Procedures and Payments

Hello lovely Mr Squeaky Clean customers!


Given the circumstances we currently find ourselves in due to COVID-19, we ask that you could spare a few minutes to read the following information that affects the services we provide for you.


After a period of time suspending our services to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are resuming works. There will be some important changes in the way we work for the foreseeable future in respect to schedule/frequency of cleaning, payments options and the way we interact with customers.


As per the government guidelines, we are in the category where we can go out to work due to not being able to work from home. We have created our own COVID-19 policy incorporating government advice (this can be found below and our Facebook page; )

A summary of some our new work practices going forward is as follows:


1.   Only having one operative per vehicle.

2.   Maintaining social distancing measures between each other, our customers and the public.

3.   Implementing the use of disposable gloves when touching any surface that is not part of our own vehicle or equipment.

4.   Not undertaking any internal works (unless absolutely essential).

5.   Not accepting Cash or Cheques (in person or by post). *Cheques will be disposed of appropriately if received.

6.   Not dropping payment cards through after each visit (to be replaced with electronic invoicing for the time being).


Attending Properties


We are aiming to inform all of our customers the day before each of our anticipated visits are due. This is to hopefully ensure access is made available for us to help minimise the contact our operatives have with different surfaces.


We will not be able to service any areas for the foreseeable future which involve going through a customer’s house (garages will be an exception to this provided they are opened for us).


Whilst we will try our utmost to maintain agreed schedules, we however anticipate that some months we may not be able to be as regular as we have been in the past. We apologise for this in advance and hope to get back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.


Payments Options

We have taken new measures to ensure that our payment system eliminates or significantly reduces the risk of the transmission of the virus by introducing a paper free policy and introducing new contactless card machines along with the use of electronic invoicing.


If you are one of our customers that normally pays via cheque or cash we would like to kindly ask you to take advantage of online banking or card payment systems instead. Please note that we require at least one of the following to enable invoicing for completed works; email / mobile number / social messaging contact.


Our preferred payment options follow in order of preference:


1.       BACS (Online banking / transfer) This can be done on any computer, mobile device or tablet if you have access to online banking. You will be sent an invoice via email once works have been undertaken. The email will be sent from ‘’

2.       Payment Link – You will receive a one-time link via email, SMS or social media messaging where you can click it to pay securely straight away. Payment Links are a safe option for both parties. Once you have clicked the link, you will be taken to the vendors’ website where you can securely enter your card details. This can be done on your phone, tablet or computer. None of your information is stored or even seen by us, and as soon as the payment is sent, the link is deactivated.

3.       Contactless As simple as it sounds and ideal for any customers who don’t have access to online services, just like paying for services within a store, you can present your debit/credit card to one of our card machines without any contact taking place, the payment will be confirmed almost immediately and you can choose to receive an email or text with your payment receipt attached.

4.       CHIP and PIN – As a last option, we can offer Chip and Pin card payment. Again just like in store payments but with direct contact with the machine.


Please be assured that we will always ensure the machine is wiped with sanitiser before and after each use whilst wearing disposable gloves. Where needed we can also accommodate the use of the card machine through a window to help maintain social distancing.


NB: We will NOT have access to any of your bank details when you pay through any of the above options. For more information on how your details are protected, please visit “Security” who will process any payments made to us.




We ask that you spare a few more minutes to update us with the following details. Please send us a message containing;


- Your Name

- 1st line of your Address

- An email address

- Mobile number (or landline where a mobile is not available).

- Option 1, 2, 3 or 4 of our payment options. (This will be used going forward reduce any unnecessary contact or confusion).


To either 07917 806665 or to help enable us to run an efficient service.


Please find attached, our full COVID-19 Policy and the measures we will be taking to protect ourselves and you.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding us resuming work or our procedures or payment options, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details above.


We thank you for your continued support through this difficult period and we hope you stay well and safe.


Mr Squeaky Clean Ltd Team.


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COVID-19 Policy.pdf
COVID-19 Risk Assessment.pdf

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