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Patio + Decking Cleaning

For patio and decking cleaning, we use two main methods to achieve the best results, soft washing and pressure washing. Depending on the requirements of the clients both methods can be combined.
Pressure washing is a quick and effective method in removing the top layers of grime and most stubborn marks from any surface and can make it appear very clean. However it does not kill spores from contaminants such as algae, lichen and moss which can be left in the pores of the surface and re-grow quite rapidly. As it is a very aggressive method of cleaning it cannot be used on all surfaces as some of the more delicate surfaces can be damaged quite easily.
Soft washing can be used on all surfaces and provides a deep clean, it is not aggressive and it will kill off spores of the contaminants that cause deep staining embedded in the surface. It also helps prevent regrowth which provides the client with longer lasting results.

Areas Covered:

Domestic Service: Ely | Chatteris | St Ives | Stretham | Witchford | Mepal | Witcham | Sutton | Haddenham | Little Downham |Surrounding areas.

Commercial Service: Cambridgeshire and beyond for larger scale works.


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